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After the group was signed to Shady Records, they went on tour with Eminem. Before a show in Detroit, D12 member Bugz attended a picnic which would culminate in his death. Bugz got into a heated argument with another man at the picnic over a water-gun fight. As the argument escalated, the man went to his SUV and retrieved a firearm which he then proceeded to unload in Bugz's direction. Bugz was shot three times and hit by the assailant's vehicle as he fled the scene. The attack was caught on tape and shown on the local news later that night.

D12 was shaken by the incident that darkened the light mood of the rap collective. One of the last things Bugz had asked Proof was that if local rapper and friend Swift could join the group. Due to all six positions being filled at the time, he was unable to join, but following Bugz's death, and with Swift being a longtime friend of the group, they had no problem allowing him to take his place as the sixth member.

In memory of Bugz the group recorded the track "Good Die Young" [listen here] on their sophomore album D12 World. The album also included a song titled "Bugz '97" [Listen below], which was a 1997 recording of Bugz himself. All five members of D12 bear a tattoo of his name somewhere on their bodies in remembrance of him. The group was forced to record their first LP Devil's Night without Bugz, but the album was in his memory. Eminem's sophomore album The Marshall Mathers LP was also dedicated to Bugz.

Bugz 97' - From "D12 World" Album


POSTED 5/12/2011
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